My Favorite Puzzle Game – Trollface Quest

GamesTrollface Quest have 7 versions for now, all based on the exact same basic concepts. It is a point-and-click style problem as well as technique game loaded with increasingly difficult degrees. The item of the game is to finish each level unharmed.

Similar to variation 1, Trollface Quest 2’s degrees can be challenging. As an example, on level 15, the major character/hero– a stickman– is standing outside a log cabin in the dead of winter season, shuddering cold. You should assist him obtain warm. You could believe you could merely make him go inside the cabin. Nonetheless, it will certainly not open as quickly as you click it.

You have to click the thermometer to raise the temperature and make the snow vanish. You had much better fast! If you wait as well long, it will be too cozy as well as a wildfire will burst out! So, time yourself. Click the thermometer, wait ’till it reaches the red line, after that rush as well as click on the door to open it and also send stickman to cozy shelter.

An additional terrific example of simply exactly how challenging this video game can be is level 19. On this degree, you are consuming with Troll Face– your bane. Click the cups to start drinking– but take care! The first two beverages seem to drop nice as well as smooth– yet the 3rd may kill you! As opposed to taking that 3rd sip, pick up the bottle with the picture of the hen on the front (click) and it will make Troll Face drink it– and eventually toxin him! If you do this, you can win this level.

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