A Scary Maze Game

The plot of the scary maze game looks simple. Really, the game itself is simple. There are no guides and sole simple rule: do not strike the walls of the maze. Anything else carries on to the player. Scary Maze Game can be totally handled solely with the computer mouse button. It is harder than it seems. You ought to ensure to do not touch the dividers due to the fact that if this thing takes place you will have to take the level from the very start.

You will control a red point that moves through some sort of labyrinth with the single reason of running out of it. When you will cope to get to the finish of the labyrinth you will have the chance to reach the next stage. Every level is much harder than the prior one, so you may truly have a hard time trying to finish the game.

There are several stages that have to be finalized by the player if you want to finish the scary maze game. Every level you have a different shape for the maze.